At Gosford Park Nursery, our aim is to provide a safe, caring and happy environment in which your child can learn through play. This is where they will begin to develop the skills to progress through the school as independent, successful learners. We hope that you and your child will find the time spent with us happy and rewarding.



We begin this half term by talking about the children's experiences over the Christmas holidays. The children in Nursery have enjoyed finding out  about the seas on of autumn.  This half term we will continue to look at the changes that winter brings around our school environment. We will also be talking about Pancake Day and trying our own pancakes . We will be continuing to focus on stories with a sharing or friendship theme over the next few weeks such as Elmer and Rose and The Selfish Crocodile.  Alongside this we will continue to develop routines for our school day.  




Proud Cloud

 At Gosford Park, we love to know what your child can do at home as well as in school. We are proud of all the children in Nursery for many reasons and we are sure there must be lots of things that you see at home that you must be proud of too! We would like you, as parents, to share with us why you are proud of your child e.g. putting their coat on independently, counting and learning numbers, using their knowledge of sounds to have a go at writing, tidying away, learning to ride a bike, helping at home etc.

Please help us celebrate your child’s achievements by putting a note on our Proud Cloud .


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 Sound of the Week!

We will soon be introducing a sound of the week. Once we start our sounds you may notice your children saying ‘mmm’ or ‘Maisie, mountain, mountain.’  This is part of the Read Write Inc scheme that the school follows.  The children will be encouraged to practise the rhyme, make the sound and write the letter in the air.  Please help support your child at home by practising these sounds. Thank you. If you are not sure how we pronounce the sounds within words please check out this website, you may find it helpful.

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 Nursery Rhyme Time

Every two weeks the children will be learning a new Nursery Rhyme, which they will bring home.  We hope that you will continue to encourage your child to practise these rhymes as their collection builds up.  





Linger and Learn

The children really enjoy sharing their classroom and learning opportunities with you.  We would like to thank you for coming and sharing this experience with your children.  It really does give them a sense of pride. We understand that you have other commitments and therefore suggest staying for one or two of these sessions a week at drop off and on a day that fits around your other commitments.




Every two weeks the children will be bringing home a challenge.  We are asking parents to help your child complete that challenge.  The children’s first challenge this half term is to use their speaking skills to talk to their friends and adults about what they have done over the holiday period.   Challenges will cover a range of areas so watch this space!! 



Reading Books

 Your child will have now received their first few reading books.  These will be changed once a week, on a Monday so please ensure the children have their books and reading diaries with them. The books are picture books and we ask that you look at the book with your child, sharing ideas about the story, encouraging your child to make up the story from clues in the pictures. We ask that you fill out the reading diary giving some information about their story ideas or the things they enjoyed. We suggest that this takes 10-15 minutes. It is a great way to introduce books and make reading fun.     

 Your child will have received a username and password for Education City. This an online opportunity to consolidate your child’s learning. Every half term we will be setting new homework activities and there are also lots of other activities for your child to complete whilst having fun!


 Here are the steps to access the homework for Nursery:


Step 1. Enter  username and password.

Step 2. Click on  'Homework' on the left hand side of the page, below your child’s name.         

Step 3. Select the activity.

Step 4.  If your child completes the homework in this section, you can then extend their homework by accessing the '  Activities' section. To do this click ‘Home’ select English or Maths.  Click F1 and Activities.



  If there are any problems please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff.



Ways to help your child at home:

·        Dress and undress

·        Remove their coat and it them up

·        Put on own shoes and fasten (Velcro)

·        Use the toilet properly, flush after use, wash and dry their hands

·        Tidy/clear away toys

·        Talk about their surroundings

·        Practise writing their name using the dotted name cards


·        Recite number to 10, sing number songs

   Practise the letter sounds















In Nursery we use our large outdoor area to go on weekly welly walks.  We ask that you make sure your child has their wellies in Nursery every week and that if you take them home at the end of the week, they are returned on the following Monday, as we do go out onto the field and into the meadow which can be very muddy at times.   The children will look for signs of Winter, changes happening around them, go on listening walks, colour walks amongst many other exciting things.  Now the weather is starting to chill down, please can we ask that you send your child to Nursery in a suitable warm coat along with a hat and gloves.  In Nursery we use our outdoor area all the time. Thank you!



Games and Links to Websites:!  - Games - Count with Lecky - Compare and Order - Online reading and games






We hope you enjoy our fortnightly newsletters, which are always on display in the classroom along with the whole school yellow newsletter.   Both contain lots of information for you and are located on the Parent’s Noticeboard.