Year 6





              In English we will be exploring the short narrative film, The Piano. We will be producing a diary entry from a WII battlefield as well as a story which encompasses flash backs and flash forwards



Can you try and improve your SPAG SKILLS? 


Test your skills on these two websites…  


Answer these questions and ask your teacher how well you did…

 Find ONE example of an article.


Find ONE example of a Relative Pronoun.

Find ONE example of an ADVERB




This half term we will be looking at:

*Positive and negative numbers

*Multiplying and dividing proper fractions

*Data handling – pie charts and interpretation


*Division methods

Challenge: Share £11 equally between eight people to the nearest 10p



Bring your answer to school for a chance to win 10 Golden Tickets!



Our current topic is:


What can you find out about Light ?

How does light travel?

How do we see things?

Does light bend around corners?


Why don’t you investigate the following link?



We will be continuing our learning on World War II – focusing on propaganda and designing our own posters.





In Year 6, we expect children to have their P.E. kit in school every day. This should include: shorts, t-shirt and trainers or pumps. You will also need jogging bottoms and a jumper when the weather gets colder.  Children will need to take their P.E. kit home weekly to ensure that it is clean for the following week.


Tuesday and Friday


Children are expected to read at home four times every week. This needs to be recorded in their reading record and signed by parents.

Children will be sent home spellings every week that they will need to learn and will be tested on a Friday.

Children will also receive ONE piece of English and ONE piece of Maths homework every week which will be given out on a Friday and handed in on a Wednesday!  

In Year 6, children CONTINUE to practice all of their times tables to 12 x 12. You can help by asking multiplication questions around the house, or walking to school. Useful websites include:

Times tables grid games

Multiplication games


Next, try and challenge your child by:


-         Getting them to TOTAL a small number of items bought in the local shop.


-         Measure something in your home to the nearest cm or mm.


-         Check one of your household bills and work out which NOTES you would need to pay the BILL and what change you may receive.