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Welcome to Gosford Park Primary School
Welcome to Gosford Park Primary School
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Headteacher’s Daily Challenges – Spring Term
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9/04/20 – Go on an inside scavenger hunt and find a teddy bear, random sock, ruler, crayon, mug or cup, clock, salt and pepper, scarf, toothpaste, ball and a plant.

8/04/20 – Go on a hunt around your house and find as many items as you can that need electrictity to work.

7/04/20 – Design your own superhero. Draw a picture and write about what special superpowers they would have.

6/04/20 – How many different ways can you make 20? Use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

3/04/20 – Can you create a secret code? You could use letters, numbers, pictures or something else! Write a message and give it to someone else to see if they can crack it.

2/04/20 – Design a book cover for a new book called ‘The Ocean’

1/04/20 – Make a poster for your bathroom informing your family how to wash their hands properly.

31/03/20 – Make a maths word problem where the answer is 10. Be as creative as you can.

30/3/20 – Make a word search about your favourite topic and get someone in your house to solve it.

27/03/20 – Write a rap about your favourite subject.

26/03/20 – invent something new, perhaps a gadget or something to help people. Draw a picture of it and write a description.

25/03/20 – Design and make a board game and play it with your family.

24/03/20 – Go on a shape hunt – find as many 2D and 3D shapes as you can in your home.

23/03/20 – Use an old sock to make a puppet.

20/03/20 – How many words can you make from the letters in the sentences below:

Learning from home is fun.

19/03/20 – Make a den out of items you have e.g. sheets, blankets, chairs, cushions. Send us a picture on Twitter of you reading in it.

18/03/20 – Find items in your house beginning with each letter of the alphabet.