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Welcome to Gosford Park Primary School
Welcome to Gosford Park Primary School
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Please scroll down for links to our online learning sites, the headteacher daily challenges and activities for each key stage.

The Coventry Educational Psychology service have put together a short 5 minute survey for children to complete about their feelings in returning to school in September please complete this with you children by clicking on the link below

Washing Your Hands

Miss Fear has recorded some fantastic songs for you all to sing along to. Take a look

All children from Nursery to Year 6 have logins to access home learning on Education City.

Children in Years 1-6 also have logins to access Gooseberry Planet.

This website contains useful advice for both children and parent wellbeing – copingskillsforkids

VE Day Activities

Headteacher’s Daily Challenges

Share your completed challenges with us on Twitter – @GosfordPrimary

This Week’s Challenges

17/07/20 – Create a picture alphabet using your hand prints for each image. Have a look at the one below for some ideas. Can you come up with your own items and pictures for each letter?

16/07/20 – Draw a self portrait. Sounds easy, but today you need to do it blindfolded or with your eyes closed! What else could you draw with your eyes closed? Does your picture look like you thought it would as you were drawing it?

15/07/20 – Make a musical instrument our of items you can find around your house. You could use – elastic bands, glasses, sticks, rough materials, bowls and pans. Can you use your instrument to play a song?

14/07/20 – Create a map of the different rooms in your house or your garden. Hide an object like a toy or teddy somewhere in our house, then mark it on your map with an ‘x’. See if someone can find the hidden treasure using your map

13/07/20 – Have a go at ‘flat lay’ photography – a type of photo taken from directly above, like a bird’s eye view. Think about your background and what you are taking a photo of. Make sure you take the photo from directly above. Don’t forget to share them with us

Early Years