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Welcome to Gosford Park Primary School
Welcome to Gosford Park Primary School
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At Gosford Park, we believe all children have an entitlement to full access to all areas of literacy irrespective of race, gender or disability. We aim to achieve the full and active participation and progression of all pupils.

We will ensure that:

  • All children cover the contents of the Programmes of study within the National Curriculum.
  • Children access the curriculum at the appropriate level, thus ensuring progression and differentiation.
  • Children are provided with a range of learning opportunities and teaching styles matched to their needs.

Work in English will take account of individual needs and the targets set for individual children. Children with special education needs, together with gifted and talented children, are monitored in school and specific individualised work is provided if appropriate

Our aim is that each child should:

  • Participate as both speakers and listeners in a wide range of contexts.
  • Read and write with confidence, applying a range of independent strategies to self-monitor and correct.
  • Develop an interest in books and read for enjoyment.
  • Have an interest in words and their meaning and develop a growing vocabulary in spoken and written forms.
  • Understand a range of text types and genres.
  • Be able to write in a variety of appropriate styles and forms.
  • Develop their powers of imagination and critical thinking.


Children have individual reading books for reading at school and at home, selected from the school’s structured reading scheme and matched to their abilities and needs. We use a book banding system and when children are confident and competent readers, they are then able to self-select books from the school library.

There is more to reading than decoding words; the true pleasure of reading comes from understanding the text. Within the teaching sequence, children explore texts for understanding and take part in a comprehension lesson every week where the discrete skills of reading are taught and reinforced.


Teachers plan a cold task at the beginning of an English unit of work, this task is done independently. This is then used to plan the sequence of learning noting the areas that children are struggling with or features of a genre that they haven’t mastered. These are then taught during a unit of work. At the end of a unit children carry out a hot task and this assessment piece allows the teacher to see improvements and further work to be done when revisiting this genre in another English unit or in a cross curricular way.

Handwriting is taught using the ‘Collins’ handwriting scheme. The development of a cursive style of writing is begun when children are ready but can begin as early as year 1.

End of Year 1 Spelling Expectations

End of Year 2 Spelling Expectations

End of Year 3 Spelling Expectations

End of Year 4 Spelling Expectations

End of Year 5 Spelling Expectations

End of Year 6 Spelling Expectations

On World Book Day 2018 we created a whole school version of a well known story. Have a read of ‘We’re Going on a Gosford Park Lion Hunt!’

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